Literary Representation

I am proud to be represented by Kristina Sutton-Lennon of Focused Artists. Kristina started agenting for film, and when she moved into literary representation Publishers Weekly named her an Honoree in their Rising Star Watch. Both of us have college degrees in the performing arts — Kristina in acting, myself in music — and we both love Regency and British fiction.

Professional Writing Affiliations

We learn so much from each other! I am proud to be a member of the following professional writing organizations.

Women’s Fiction Writers Association

I am closely involved with the WFWA. The Historical Fiction Focus Group has been the centerpiece of my engagement, and have served on several committees and groups within the HistFic group. I have worked in two different official WFWA ongoing critique groups, and have found several long-term critique partners/alpha readers. Every time someone takes the time to read and think about my manuscript, they make it better.

Regency Fiction Writers, the Beau Monde

The Historical Novel Society

Smithie Writers (private group for alumnae of Smith College)

Connect in Person:

Conferences and Events I am Scheduled to Attend

I am excited to meet fellow writers in person, make professional connections, and have the opportunity to dive more deeply into the craft of writing.