My Version and Thoughts on Embroidery Designs by Other Artists

I learned embroidery by following well written designs, and following other embroidery artists on Instagram. Even though I now spend most of my time stitching my own patterns, it’s still enjoyable to use other artists’ designs some times. It feels different under my fingers and keeps my embroidery fresh, because each person chooses slightly different stitches and different shapes of lines.

I strongly recommend anyone who is interested in embroidery to search around and find some artists and pattern makers you enjoy. So many artists have really excellent instructions that can take you through all the steps, and many of them sell kits as well. Please treat our community with the respect our art form deserves: buy from artists; don’t just copy from another person’s picture; and always give credit to the pattern designer.

swan embroidery by Kiriki Press

story story cute swan by Kiriki Press

Enchanted embroidery Cozy Blue

story story 6 strands Cozy Blue

Mt Ranier embroidery Vika's Space

story story very large by Vika’s Space

kingfisher embroidery jessica devine

story story find a more completed picture J Devine