My favorite thing in the world is finding books just like the books I already love. I scour all sorts of lists and websites, looking for the next book to read. Since I’m a brand new author, this is my own page of comps and read-alikes. I’ll list books that I love (usually series), and why they might be similar to the books I’m writing.

This section also includes my official “comps” and why I picked them. And just for fun, a “family tree” of the authors I have re-read a thousand times until they have settled deeply into my inner ear. (still coming)

Official Comps for The Domestic Diplomat (recent publications)

  • Someone to Remember by Mary Balogh. Why? My tone and focus is very similar to Balogh’s. I use relationships to delve more deeply into each individual and have deeply developed communities around the main characters. I chose this book because it also focuses on relationships and the fear of betrayal within the characters’ family of origin and creating a new family to protect younger siblings.
  • The Duke Who Didn’t by Courtney Milan Why? Honestly, I think The Domestic Diplomat is closest to The Duchess Wars and Gentleman & the Dreamer is closer to Talk to me Sweetly but those publication dates are a little older. Milan also deals with modern social issues, especially around race and culture, in a way that is sensitive to historical accuracy as well as modern understanding. Her characters deal with deep issues while being playful, sexy, and full of lively dialogue.
  • A Single Thread by Tracy Chevalier. Why? Like Chevalier, my books are told in a linear timeline and follow a woman’s thoughts and emotional development. Both her heroine and mine in The Domestic Diplomat start off quiet and reserved, but eventually discover that their inner strength is worthwhile. Both books also are rich in detail about embroidery.
  • A Band of Sisters by Lauren Willig.
Don’t you love going to the library to look for your next book to read?


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