The Domestic Diplomat: a band of sisterhood; Anglo-Irish tension; a heroine who sees the best in everyone; and a 16yo who says life is “not fair”

Celia is a much more proficient watercolor artist than I am! In one scene she is deciding which colors to use for magnolia buds, so here is a painting of rhododendron buds.

Status update:

I am in the process of writing The Domestic Diplomat. It is fully planned and will be an exciting conclusion to Celia and Peter’s story.

Research trip to County Durham

In February 2024, I took a trip to the north-east of England to research this book. Even 200 years later, this is an isolated and mystical place in the world. In my writing, I try to take you to a unique place in the world, and I believe County Durham will intrigue and surprise. Follow my Instagram account and this blog for tidbits of history and pictures from the trip.

The Bird Psalter, London (1284) © The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

Celia’s Irish heritage was very important to her, and she made embroidery designs of illuminated manuscripts to connect with her culture.