Release Date June 8th, 2024!!!!

Feisty Women Through Six Centuries — short story anthology

I am proud to announce the upcoming publication of Feisty Deeds: Historical Fictions of Daring Women. This short story anthology features 23 stories spanning feisty heroines over six centuries, engaging in Moral Combat, Gambling With the Unknown, Defying Domestic Authority and more.

I am on the editorial committee, and I’m extremely proud of the hard work everyone has put in. With our joint efforts, we have helped to elevate and organize the submissions, working closely with each author. We are currently going through the process of self-publishing, and will soon release the cover reveal, pre-order date, and other details.

I am excited about the variety and depth of the stories we will include in our feisty woman anthology! Our stories will be domestic and during war-time, inter-personal and world-changing, marriage and murder. If you enjoy historical fiction, this will be a fun read in a variety of styles and time periods, kind of like a box of mixed chocolates with a marzipan or two thrown in.

I am a contributing author as well. My story, “The Inner Good,” is set in an English estate in 1775. When Felicity’s aristocratic family will not approve of her interracial marriage, she applies philosophy, trickery, and a little help from an unexpected source…

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The editorial committee is: Kimberly Sullivan; Carolyn Korsmeyer; Elaine Schroller; Kay Smith-Blum; and myself. You can reach us directly at: