Christy Matheson’s Bio:

Christy lives, writes, and sews in Oregon. Before that she has lived in Alaska, Massachusetts, Italy, and Uganda. 

Christy has her BA cum laude from Smith College, with a major in Music, minor in English, and an unofficial interdisciplinary focus on 19th Century Europe. She spent her junior year abroad in Florence, Italy, studying at the Universita di Firenze and the Smith Sede. She has an MEd. from Lesley University. 

While a student, Christy won the high school division of every spoken-word poetry competition in Alaska (both team and individual); had her poetry published in a number of regional publications; was a guest speaker and poetry performer at high schools and other venues; and culminated with a full-length poetry performance in her senior year. 

Christy has done fiber art her whole life, from childhood lumpy crocheted doll clothes to intricate needle-painted embroidery. She is a quilter and makes all of her own clothes. Lately, her focus has been embroidery, both designing her own work to memorialize her travels, and learning through the designs of other embroidery artists. She is a moderator on the 10k+ member Facebook group, Art of Embroidery, and will be teaching an embroidery class through Navigators.

Christy worldschools her children, and often spends 2-4 months out of the year traveling. They have gone camping and sailing throughout much of the western United States, and in the last several years have taken extended trips in Central America, Europe, and Africa. Christy compiles lists of fiction books for herself and her children in order to immerse herself in the place, and often comes home with visions for stories set in the history and geography that she has visited.

Christy is a member of the Beau Monde Regency Writers, the Historical Novel Society, Smithie Writers, and is particularly active in the Women’s Fiction Writers Association and their HistFic subgroup. 

Feisty Deeds, Christy’s debut as an editor, is due to be published this summer. Her goals include offering developmental editing to more authors. She wants to offer a platform for other authors through further anthologies, and guest posts on her Substack newsletter. 

Christy’s hopeful debut duology, The Bonnet Brigade and The Domestic Diplomat, is a 2023 finalist for the WFWA Rising Star Award, and is currently out for submission with publishers.