Romantic Regency fiction about friendship, family, and finding one’s place in an ever-changing world

A woman sails into the azure Golden Horn and reimagines life with her own name…

A “scandalous” scene in a dark garden at a ball turns romance tropes on their heads…

A wealthy Black gentleman descends into gaol to rescue a suffragist. He expected to lie, but he didn’t know he would get angry…

A woman’s midnight ride to force her father’s hand and choose her own future…

A nefarious developer uses a woman’s longing for social change to take over her property…

The process of bringing a book to life takes many years, and during much of that time they are essentially invisible. I currently have two completed manuscripts in advanced editing (there’s always more editing!), two partially completed manuscripts, one short story in publication, and detailed plans for two more books in the same series. Most importantly, I also have an agent, and Kristina and I are in the process of submitting my first manuscript to publishers. Hopefully, within 2024 I will have a publisher, and then my books could be available 18-24 months later. It’s a long process!

Meanwhile, please check out Feisty Deeds, the short story anthology that is my debut as an editor.

Here is a glimpse of ideas that I’m playing with. So here are a few years’ worth of ideas for character-driven novels full of romance, found family, and women becoming their more fulfilled selves.

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notebooks used to write my books
A small portion of the copious supply of notebooks I use to prepare my books

My Books: The Fledgling Series

When Mr Thompson loses his fortune, his neice and three daughters are pushed out into a world that does not acknowledge a woman’s person-hood, either legally or socially. Details here

1820: Celia is determined to make a safe place for her cousins, no matter whom she has to marry.

After Celia is caught in a dark garden, it turns out that she needs to rescue her rescuer… and build a bridge to their future.

The Bonnet Brigade

1820: Rose redefines herself by accepting a suitor in Istanbul, becoming entangled in family dynamics that she had no idea existed.

1822: Henrietta puts loyalty to her sister above all — including her own safety, and her newly arranged marriage.

1825: Marianne wants to right all the wrongs of the world… but maybe she should have listened to her sisters.

1829: Helen traveled halfway around the world to escape her father — and now she has to keep running.

Fledgling Series Adjacent

These books and short stories feature friends and family from the main series. They each stand alone.

1827: Leavenworth was finally preparing to make his own place in the world, when he promises a favor to a friend — and then Sophy Robinson turns all his careful plans on their heads.

Can Leavenworth love the woman of his dreams…. or just rescue her?

The gentleman & the Dreamer

1810: Eliza’s midnight ride, straight into a scandal — and en route (she hopes) to security.
(Short story)

1775: When Felicity’s aristocratic family will not approve of her interracial marriage, she applies philosophy, trickery, and a little help from an unexpected source…
(Short story)

My Books: The Costa Rica Chronicles

1830’s: Eloise and her mother are on the brink of impoverishment, when Eloise inherits her grumpy uncle’s estate in Costa Rica. For once having the power to choose, Eloise puts out an advertisement for a husband and the necessary household members, and she and her invalid mother cross half the world to immigrate to the newly established country. They find the estate still occupied by her uncle’s long-term mistress and staff, who obstruct Eloise’s goals to turn the farm to modern coffee production. Their current modus operendi is much more profitable, much more illegal… and much more bloody. But Eloise is not about to turn her back on her one chance to escape the society that has crushed her mother and wants to ruin her, as well. With a husband, family, and friends to support her, Eloise is determined to run her Costa Rican property on her own terms.