Christy Matheson, Author

Romantic Regency Fiction about
friends, family, & finding one's place
in an ever-changing world

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Author & Artist

I write relationship-driven historical fiction. You’ll find not only romance, but also the love between siblings and cousins, the special intensity of women’s friendship, and always ending with a community of found family.

My historical area of expertise is the early 1800’s in Britain, but as I travel around the world I am often struck by a particularly interesting historical connundrum — thus envisioning several novels set in mid-1800’s Costa Rica. Other times, I know my characters are abroad and I set them in a place I love, like Istanbul.

For my entire life, I have lived abroad and traveled extensively, which informs my awareness of the importance of diverse representation.

As an embroidery artist, I specializing in thread painting and wool felt applique. I sew all my own clothes and am passionate about adjusting clothing to fit each person’s unique and beautiful body. (This body positivity is also important in my novels.) I love teaching, sharing, and helping others learn fiber arts!

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Historic Romantic Women's Fiction

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Writing Questions

Why do I write 1820's England? Why the upper classes? Why do I write love stories? What is my inspiration or process? FAQ's and interesting questions here.

My Books

Read the pitches & blurbs for different novels that I have imagined. See publication status updates.

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I am on the editorial committee for a historical short story anthology, and look forward to more anthology work in the future, as well as offering developmental editing for authors.

Christy Matheson, birding in Costa Rica
Christy Matheson birding in Costa Rica

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My author Instagram features Mini History Moments, macaroon sized bits of history to sweeten your day, or you can find the same content on Facebook. If you prefer cinnamon roll sized servings, I copy each series onto my blog, where I include my references. 

My artist posts feature my works in progress, small snippets of philosophy & motherhood, & my journey to make the world a better, more beautiful place. Here’s my Instagram, and my artist Facebook page includes more of my family life as well. 

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My daughter and I share travel videos and collages via those links, but if you just want peaceful travel follow us on TikTok. 

I hope to grow connections as an editor on  LinkedIn.

If you wish to be on my beta reader team, or have historical expertise you’d like to share, please email me at the “contact” button below.